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Qing Palace Chinese Restaurant

The Qing Palace is an award winning Chinese restaurant that exhibits beautifully decorated interiors. The decorations strike a harmonious balance between the traditional Malaysian style and modern Western style. The dining hall is elegant and the ... Read More


Bob’s Kitchen

Bob’s Kitchen is a completely American restaurant offering quality dining experience which stands unmatched as far as the portion, value, and taste. Apart from offering the conventional American dishes, they try innovative dishes too. Their signature ... Read More


Village Briyani Cafe

Village Briyani Cafe, as its name suggests, has many Indian dishes and biryani is the specialisation of the restaurant. It is a small restaurant famous for its North Indian dishes. Restaurant Features The interiors of the ... Read More


The Olive

The Olive restaurant is renowned in Johor Bahru for its finest Continental cuisine. The guests at the restaurant can watch the chefs at work as it has an open plan kitchen. The head chef of the ... Read More


Kim Cheong

Kim Cheong restaurant in Johor Bahru primarily specializes in seafood and Chinese dishes. The restaurant maintains a clean and comfortable environment. The price of majority of the dishes is quite reasonable which is complemented by their ... Read More


Grill Bar

The Grill Bar restaurant is unique and appealing in different ways. Guests visiting the restaurant for the first time will surely be amazed with the biker theme of the restaurant, thanks to the owner Gary who ... Read More



Chakra happens to be an Indian restaurant offering a wide range of South Indian as well as North Indian delicacies. The entire setting of the restaurant is perfect for a comfortable and relaxed dining experience with ... Read More


Cheelicious Bakery&Cafe

This café is the perfect place for those who are addicted towards cheesecakes. The place offers an extensive selection of western and local fare. Guests to this café will surely face a tough time ordering something ... Read More


Hiap Joo Bakery

The Hiap Joo Bakery has been in business for more than eight years and still makes use of traditional wooden fire oven for the baking purpose. The excellent taste and flavor of the buns make them ... Read More


7 Spice Indian Cuisine

The 7 Spice Indian Cuisine promises to offer guests with an intimate and sophisticated dining experience. The nicely decorated modern and chic spacious interiors of the restaurant guarantee comfort while dining. The restaurant is famous for ... Read More

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