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Pulai Spring Resort Jalan Pontian Lama, Johor Bahru 81110

The Qing Palace is an award winning Chinese restaurant that exhibits beautifully decorated interiors. The decorations strike a harmonious balance between the traditional Malaysian style and modern Western style. The dining hall is elegant and the interiors echo its grandness and imperial style and status. The restaurant is decorated with original Oriental antique furnishing, silk lanterns, paintings, and carvings. The restaurant is reputed mostly for the quality Szechuan cuisine it offers.

Delicious cuisine

The restaurant offers some of the most delectable dishes that you are to find in a standard restaurants in Johor Bahru. While all other dishes offered here are savoury and delicious, they specialize in offering Szechuan sour and hot soup which is the signature dish. The other famous dish that the Qing Palace is good at includes Camphor and tea smoked duck. You will get here a multitude of main course dishes that are complemented appropriately by sweet and delicious desserts. From the section of desserts, the most famous that they offer include peanut balls or mua ji and yam puree or oni.

Capacity and price

The restaurant offers quite an amount of space to accommodate two hundred people inside. It consists of a private dining room that can accommodate twenty four people at a time. The private dining space is usually reserved for more social and intimate gatherings. They offer quality dishes that are delectable at moderate prices. The dishes are filling in their portions and are worth the price they are charged.

Famous Johor Location

150.90 km » Pulau Tioman
14.23 km » Legoland Malaysia

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