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Roost Juice Bar

Out of the several hidden gems of Johor Bahru, the Roost Juice Bar is definitely amongst the most recognized. The old setting of this place with a charming mixture of different colors of furniture and decorative ... Read More


Harbour Cafe

The Harbour Café has an extensive offering of more than one hundred and fifty dishes with the primary focus on local delights. Different stations are available which include Indian, carving, noodles, wok, Japanese, seafood, salads, fruits ... Read More


Evergreen Restaurant

Those who are in search of a cozy and nice restaurant in Johor Bahru offering variety of Chinese, Asian and Malaysian dishes will definitely fall in love with the Evergreen Restaurant. The clean and spacious place ... Read More


Ho Seng kee

When it comes to wan tan noodles, Ho Seng kee is the preferred choice for those living in Johor Bahru. The handmade noodles of the restaurant are springy, soft, fresh and crunchy just like top class ... Read More


Ros Marino

The Ros Marino is an Italian restaurant in Johor Bahru with a comfortable and elegant atmosphere. Every item within the menu has an Italian name though a small description is also available in English for the ... Read More


Nan Yang Coffee Shop

Operating for more than 30 years, Nan Yang Coffee Shop is one of the oldest coffee shop in Segamat. It is not only a favorite with the locals of the area but is popular as well ... Read More


Food Republique

Food Republique located just behind Pelangi Leisure Mall is a popular destination for burger lovers. The restaurant has a nice, cozy ambience where guests can feel at ease and comfort to enjoy the delicious offerings of ... Read More



The Infusion café cum restaurant offers good value for money to the guests with its extensive range of food choices. The place is known to serve variety of local dishes along with plenty of offerings in ... Read More



This Thai restaurant is highly popular for its traditional and windy style dining. The restaurant is located just beside JB town area’s New York Hotel and has a nice decoration of teakwood furniture with a relaxing ... Read More


Grand Straits Garden Seafood Restaurants

This restaurant promises to offer guests with an absolutely exquisite dining experience with its world class culinary expertise and relaxed ambience. The restaurant has earned a lot of praise and recognition mainly because of its seafood ... Read More

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