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No 50 Jalan Pertama 1, Danga Utama Commercial Center, 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 1:00am
Opening Days: Mon – Sun
Phone: +6012-7470599

Bob’s Kitchen is a completely American restaurant offering quality dining experience which stands unmatched as far as the portion, value, and taste. Apart from offering the conventional American dishes, they try innovative dishes too. Their signature specialties include BBQ Beef Ribs, BBQ Bacon Burger with Cheese, Chicken Caesar Salad, Buffalo Wings. The dessert section includes such delights as chocolate volcano and cheese cake.

The restaurant offers seating for one hundred and thirty people. They also offer a number of flexible areas events like cocktail parties, birthdays, set dinner, etc.

Modern and Spacious Interior

The interiors of the restaurant offer a modern setting which is rather unpretentious. The seating arrangement has been divided into two sections, the first being in the ground floor. A flight of stairs leads to the mezzanine floor which has another seating arrangement.

Quality American Food

The fresh Caesar Salad has a lot of elements going. The crunchy texture with a bit of bitter flavor that comes from the romaine lettuce and the sour taste from the acidic dressing are the perfect match. Topped with roasted chicken strips, this dish makes for a perfect starter.

Caesar Salad….RM16.99

4 pieces of chicken wings are deep fried and served unbreaded and coated with cayenne pepper hot sauce. It must be taken hot when the skin is crispy and is perfect to go with beer.

Buffalo Wings….RM21.99

This is another delicacy that the restaurant offers. The dish is sweet and tangy beef short ribs which are cooked in an oven and then finished over a grill by putting the homemade barbeque sauce over it.

BBQ Beef Ribs….RM50.99

This is a pure American-style burger that is made with extra cheese. To get more juices to the succulent bacon, you can stuff the lettuce and tomato that come with it.

BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger….RM24.99

Mac and cheese is made of special macaroni and cheese. It appeals to those who love smooth and creamy texture. .

Mac and Cheese….RM15.99

This is a French recipe and is made of Chicken Ham along with slices of Swiss cheese. The preparation is sautéed and breaded. It is a yummy dish that adds paprika along with wine sauce that is creamy white.

Chicken Cordon Bleu….RM28.99

Rack of Lamb is the roasted rib of lamb which tastes absolutely wonderful. This delicious Western recipe has been given with the use of typical native condiments.

Rack of Lamb….RM49.99

This Chocolate Volcano is topped with generous amount of chocolate and vanilla mousse. Scoop from the top to the bottom will you get the mousses, flourless cake and the melted chocolate that make the dessert simply hard to resist.

Chocolate Volcano….RM15.99

A good cheese cake should not be just creamy, it should be smooth, less sweetened with a hint of tartness. This one has the standard.

Cheese Cake….RM14.99
Drink Menu

The restaurant also offers a huge selection of items under the drink menu. The drinks include everything ranging from fruit juices, hot beverages to cocktails, mocktails and beer. Virgin Mojito and Lemon Lime Bitter are two of the signature drinks here.

Patrons’ Comment

We talked to two ladies who happened to visit Bob’s Kitchen for the first time and asked how they felt about the restaurant. They have nothing to complain about the interior for its nice and cozy ambience. As for the food quality, out of 10, they gave 7.5 as they felt the Chicken Fajita is somewhat tough and not marinated well enough.

Chicken Fajitas….RM26.99
Interview with Muru, the CEO
Q1. From cooking to restaurant management, you know the ins and outs of the food industry. When did you discover your passion for food?

Muru: I discovered I had a passion for food at the age of 19, this industry is not only based around food but also includes meeting new people every day. It gives me great pleasure to serve different people and see them leave my restaurant happy. Food is something we need to survive so I know that everyone looks for good food which we offer in all of our restaurants.

Q2. You know what is value for money and you have raised the standard of JB dining sector. What is your ambition and vision in your own food business?

Muru: Our vision is to be the top restaurant group in Johor Bahru, offering good service, value for money, and a good ambiance. We are always thinking of fresh ideas and trying to keep our concept alive at every moment.

Q3. Can you tell us more about your loyalty program and how important it is to your restaurant chain?

Muru: Becoming a DCG member will entitle the card holder to exclusive privileges and rewards, the membership card is RM 200 and is valid for 2 years, and you receive a RM 100 voucher to use on your next visit along with a 50% off voucher to use on your birthday and a further RM 500 voucher to use on events. Alongside this you will receive a percentage off every time you dine in one of our restaurants. The loyalty card is important to us as this is a way to engage with all our guests and let them know we appreciate their custom.

Q4. Within just a few years, you have opened up 3 restaurants (the other two are The Spice Kitchen and The Marco Polo Kitchen) in totally different concepts and 2 more are in the pipeline. Sometimes expanding too fast comes at the expense of the food quality. How do you keep the balance?

Muru: We believe in hiring the right people to work for us, expectations are very high at the same time we offer an attractive benefit package. Quality of food and service is checked on a daily basis plus we also operate on an open door policy whereby guests can reach out to management and discuss their experience or any issues that they may have. We take feedback positively and see this as a way of improving our standards along with taking immediate action. By doing this the team are aware that we take these matters seriously and strict consequences occur if procedures are not followed. This also applies to all the key people. We focus on training and development and reward deserving staff with incentives and promotions. When staff are treated fairly the output is greater therefore preventing any mishaps.

Q5. Much of your time is spent on running the business. When you are not working, what do you do in your leisure time?

Muru: Hunting for good restaurants to dine in, watching movies in my home theatre, listening to music and reading interior design books.

Famous Johor Location

151.93 km » Pulau Tioman
11.77 km » Legoland Malaysia

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2 Responses to Bob’s Kitchen

  1. Shouja says:

    I didn’t have a great food experience here. Tacos was nothing close to the illustration in the menu . Infact the only vegetables I had in my tacos was the dry cabbage besides the mushrooms which i opted for and bits of cheese here and there. As for the country fried steak it was greasy and bland. This two dishes was the recommended ones in the menu.Keeping this in mind I dread to think how the others would taste. I would never recommend this restaurant to anyone as the food here is very dear . The total bill charged to us for poor service, poor food and unique environment was RM76.50 inclusive of a cup of peppermint & english breakfast tea each.

    • Arthur says:

      We are sorry to hear your bad experience about the food. We were told that the first master chef at Bob’s Kitchen was temporarily transferred from Singapore and during that period, food was good. It seems that the standard has dropped recently. We will feedback to the owner about this and we are sure he’ll take this seriously and resolve the problem.

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