Find Western in area

Maio Restaurant

Maio Italian Restaurant guarantees an amazing experience to all its guests with its modern and nicely decorated interiors and excellent

Oasis at Thistle

Oasis Restaurant is visible as visitors walk inwards to Thistle Resort. The restaurant is designed and decorated to blend with

Faculty of Caffeine

Faculty of Caffeine is a tiny café though from the outside it looks bigger. Altogether the café might not be

Gianni’s Trattoria

This Italian restaurant is ideal for those who wish to experience delicious international delicacies from a highly reputed chef. The

Bob’s Kitchen

Bob’s Kitchen is a completely American restaurant offering quality dining experience which stands unmatched as far as the portion, value,

Harbour Cafe

The Harbour Café has an extensive offering of more than one hundred and fifty dishes with the primary focus on

Ros Marino

The Ros Marino is an Italian restaurant in Johor Bahru with a comfortable and elegant atmosphere. Every item within the

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