Tengah Chinese Roti Canai 登雅茶室

Tengah Chinese Roti Canai 登雅茶室 Arthur



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Kampung Tengah (Opposite Tengah Kindergarden), Segamat

Roti Canai is something that is generally associated with Indian. However, Chinese Roti Canai at Segamat specializes in offering roti canai. They are popular both for offering roti canai and fried noodle (mee goreng) that cater to the taste buds for the Chinese. The exteriors and the façade of the restaurant are quite simple and unpretentious. All the roti canais are good and one piece of plain roti canai costs only RM1.

A Restaurant with Great Popularity

The restaurant is highly popular among the locals of Segamat. It is also a much visited hotspot by the repeat visitors to the place. The seating arrangement is done both inside and outside and is always full in the morning. Sometimes, you have to wait for as long as 1 hour just to get a piece of roti canai.

Signature Dishes

Besides roti canai, mee goreng with egg is another dish that almost every table has it. Roti canai is made from soft dough and toppings are added afterwards. Two factors that make their roti canai so well-received among the Chinese: the skin is crispy and the curry sauce doesn’t have any gamey taste.

Famous Johor Location

149.96 km » Pulau Tioman
151.85 km » Legoland Malaysia

Recommended Restaurant

149.02 km » The Spice Kitchen
147.02 km » Bob's Kitchen
Distance from Tengah Chinese Roti Canai 登雅茶室


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