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No. 313A, Jalan Abdul Aziz, Kampung Abdullah, Johor, 85000 Segamat
Opening Hours: 11:30 am – 12:30 am
Opening Days: Mon – Sun
Phone: +607-9310463

Kampung Cafe is owned by a Chinese family which used to run a bread producing business since 1964 for 3 generations. Obviously, the business was not sustainable due to reducing demand for the traditional bread. In 2012, the father in the 3rd generation, together with his wife and son decided to change path and setup their own cafe that focuses on the “kampung” elements.

Each of the family member specialises in what they do best. With the father taking helm of the overall operation, the son taking care of the kitchen and the wife taking order and running meticulous matters, the cafe has been running smoothly and with the kampung-style decor with modern touch, it has become a popular place to hang out with families and friends.

Rustic Village Style Concept

The cafe has rustic appeal in a clean and calm environmental setting. It is decorated by a unique blend of nature and lightings. The entire cafe encompasses a certain area and is touched by road. There are separate cottages available for living within the premises. Open air spaces give an over the top view of the gardens.


The interiors feature wooden furnished roof covering, tables and chairs. Sitting arrangements are categorized into sections. It is split in a few sections where people have options to laze around on the cushions, sit on the wooden chair for proper dining or on ratten chair for a drink. It has a flashy appearance in the night time when the lightings are vibrant. There is an enclosed room available for people seeking for privacy too.

Signature Dishes

Kampung Baked Fish is one of the signature dishes that is highly recommended. The homemade sauce may look spicy but when we tried it, the taste is so savoury and the spicy level is average. The flavour can be enhanced by squeezing the lemon juice.

Kampung Baked Fish in Sizzling Hot Plate….RM19.9

First, the round shaped squid are dipped with special flour and deep fried to golden color. Then it is pan fried with homemade sauce to apply a buttery layer to the squid. The resulting taste and texture is sweet on the outside, crunchy in the middle and soft inside.

Kampung Butter Squid….RM19.9

Fried chicken breast tends to be tough in texture. To reduce the toughness, the chef blends the potato with the chicken meat and deep fried with coating that is a secret recipe.

Kampung Salted Mashed Potato Chicken….RM16.9

This is a non-meat item. You get thinly sliced lotus which is deep fried, coated with a thin layer of sweet sauce and topped with sesame.

Kampung Special Lotus….RM12.8

This thirst quenching milk tea is using roasted tea leaves to prepare. Take it with the jelly bits that float atop gives the “bouncy” elements to the drink.

Roasted Milk Tea….RM5.5

Famous Johor Location

150.98 km » Pulau Tioman
149.31 km » Legoland Malaysia

Recommended Restaurant

146.57 km » The Spice Kitchen
144.65 km » Bob's Kitchen
Distance from Kampung Cafe


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