Sungai Yong @ Gunung Belumut

The mountain of Gunung Belumut stands isolated, situated twenty five kilometers eastward of Kluang. The recreational area is well maintained.

Yean Kee Beef Noodles

The beef noodles served at the restaurant has become popular not just among the locals but among the repeat visitors

Ritch Cafe

The Café offers a modern ambience for all its visitors and guests. While keeping up with the traditional Malay culture

Kluang Rail Coffee

The Kluang Rail Coffee was founded in the year 1938 and can be easily reached from Johor City Center. This

128 Seafood Restaurant

128 Seafood Restaurant is in Yap Tau Sah. It is a Chinese restaurant that specialises in seafood, as suggested by

The Imperial Hotel

The hotel is well placed at the famous Bukit Bintang district. The accommodation features well furnished rooms with built-in air

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