Sungai Yong @ Gunung Belumut

Sungai Yong @ Gunung Belumut Arthur



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Felda Ulu dengar, Kahang, Kluang

The mountain of Gunung Belumut stands isolated, situated twenty five kilometers eastward of Kluang. The recreational area is well maintained. The relatively small area along Sungai Yong is accessible publicly and it takes no less than 20 mins to reach the end of the paved concrete road. If you wish to enter the dense jungle and climb up Gunung Belumut, written permission is required.

Entrance Gate

The entrance gate to Sungai Yong is simple with brick textured walls. The visitors can take four wheelers or motorbikes from Felda Ulu Dengar to reach the entrance gate which opens at 8.30 am and closes at 5.30 pm.

Main Entrance to Gunung Belumut

The entrance gate marks the start of the trekking journey along Sungai Yong.

Picnic in Pavilion Along the River

Many visitors often choose to rest by the side of the river. The pavilion along the river side offers a suitable place for arranging picnics. The unpreserved and scattered growth of the trees gives a natural feel to the place that offers an escape from the buzz of the town.

Bridge Entrance to Belumut Mountain (Need written permission)

You can reach the Belumut Mountain through a bridge entrance which requires them to take written permission. It is a short hanging bridge made of wood and running over a clear steam of water below.

A narrow trail goes down from the entrance taking the visitors through the woods. There are signboards at gaps along the trails that leads you to the waterfalls. Visitors often follow the narrow path that goes by the stream for a distance. The Sungai Yong Waterfalls can be viewed from a distance. There are seven tiers in the Sungai Yong Falls that go down through a narrow gorge. An hour of trekking takes you to the first waterfall.

Hike Along Sungai Yong

The track along the Sungai Yong affords views of the river which are surrounded on the sides by dense vegetation. Huge blocks of stones and boulders check the speed of the gushing waters offering a beautiful view.

Pool Playground

The pool playground is a natural creation and does not have a distinct or awe-inspiring shape. The cool waters in the pool offer relaxation to the visitors who often choose to spend a good amount of time in the pool.

Camping Pitch

You can choose to relax and have refreshments and bathe in the pool by anchoring your tents at the camping pitch. The area is decently clean and shady and offers a good resting spot to the visitors.

Flora and Fauna

The area surrounding the Sungai Yong Waterfalls has a complete class of flora and fauna. The forest has a number of different kinds of trees and there are great variety of creatures living in the woods too.

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Recommended Activity

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Distance from Sungai Yong Waterfalls


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