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Best of 2015

Koref Eco Farm Resort

Those who love to be a part of nature will definitely find Koref as a prefect getaway. Different types of activities are available at the place which includes fishing, physical obstacles, rafting as well as paddy ... Read More


Kluang Coffee Powder Factory

The Kluang Coffee Powder Factory offers coffee products and coffee powders in different kinds. Established in 1966, the company is not just popular in Johor Bahru but in the whole Malaysia. The factory is popular for ... Read More

Zoo / Sanctuary

UK Farm

UK Farm is in UK Agro Resort of Project Pertanian Moden Kluang at Jalan Batu Pahat. It is a small farm with goats, sheep, horses and ostriches. There are plenty of plantations that provide good non-urban ... Read More


Zenxin Organic Park

This open to public organic farm is primarily used for educational as well as recreational purposes. The visitors to the farm have the option of exploring the farm on their own either on a bicycle or ... Read More


Parkson Kluang Parade

Kluang Parade shopping centre is relatively old and houses MBBO Cinema, ban Optics, IG Mobile Centre, KFC, Old Taste, Guardian, Giant Supermarket and many others along with Parkson department store. Parkson has collaboration with Swarovski, Chanel, ... Read More

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