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KM 43, Jalan Kluang, Mersing, Kluang 86000

Those who love to be a part of nature will definitely find Koref as a prefect getaway. Different types of activities are available at the place which includes fishing, physical obstacles, rafting as well as paddy planting. The Koref Eco Farm Resort is truly an amazing place to spend a day or two with family and friends. The meals served at the place are totally organic and the nice view of the surroundings adds to the experience. The accommodation facilities are clean and hygienic assuring visitors of a wonderful stay.


The road entrance to KOREF can be found humbly after about 6km from Kahang Town if you drive from Kluang, the nearest city. A large green signboard marks the entrance. The signboard bears information in both English and local language.

Spacious Car Park

There is a spacious open facility for car parking in the grass field. Typically, there is enough vacant space available and the parking zone does get fully occupied during peak season. A few palms and medium-sized shrubs dot the parking field.

Unique Chalet Design

The resort offers several chalets of various sizes from 1 to 3 storey. Interestingly, every chalet is uniquely design in terms of exterior as well as interior. The large and broad lake offers memorable opportunity of staying on floating houses.

Wooden Bridge

The lake has an archipelago that feature the chalets. Some islands are big enough to bear more than 1 chalet while others have only 1 chalet. A wooden bridge connects the archipelago with the mainland. The islands are interconnected with wooden bridges too.

Dining Place

KOREF Eco Farm Resort is one of those places where visitors can enjoy having organic food in the midst of nature. A wide sheltered wooden bridge features a number of well-built but simple dining tables and plastic chairs. On one side is a narrow bench-like platform for enjoying the view.

Flora and Fauna

This is the place to observe ecology up-close. There are gardens with ample herbs, shrubs, trees and bushes. Flower plants and the creatures they attract directly or indirectly make for lovable sight for visitors. Children especially enjoy getting close friendly animals like rabbits.

Things To Do

This resort offers a wide range of activities for visitors of all ages. Some of the popular activities are wood rafting, kayaking, wooden swing, volleyball, bridge crossing, fish feeding, etc. More peaceful activities are organic vegetable farm visit, star gazing and many more.

Volunteer Workers

KOREF has a creative way of attracting and engaging visitors – volunteering. Volunteer workers do meaningful tasks to contribute to KOREF in exchange for free meal and accommodation. Painting chalets, gardening, making signboards, creative drawing and build a brand new chalet from scratch are some of the works that visitors can volunteer for.

Sheltered Area

The entire compound is dotted with sheltered seating spaces. Everything at KOREF highlights ecology and some of the seating areas are sheltered with climbers and creepers. Sheltered seating spaces can be found along the bank of the lake and along the pathways.

Famous Johor Location

87.30 km » Pulau Tioman
91.72 km » Legoland Malaysia

Recommended Activity

89.74 km » City Square
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