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Gunung Lambak is situated at an elevation of 510m above the sea level. From Kluang, the distance of Gunung Lambak is around 2km. The place serves as a popular trekking destination for the locals and it has also become a must-visit getaway for tourists coming to Kluang.

The mountain has two peaks. The higher one can normally be reached in less than two hours via several paths.

A Place for Recreation

Located at the foothill of Mt. Lambak, the recreational water park serves as the favorite spot for picnic. Resting sheds, benches and toilets have been built around the area so that you can spend a great time together. The water is a perfect way to beat off the heat and spend some great time swimming in the clear water from the mountain. The downfall is that the water park is kind of rundown due to poor management. However, this doesn’t stop majority of people visiting this mountain as they are after the natural setting, not the water sport.

Embracing Nature

From the foothill, there are 3 different trekking paths to the middle of the hill and from there, you can choose 1 among 3 different paths to the top of the hill. The steepness and climbing difficulty varies depending on the track you choose. If you have good fitness level, in order to explore Mount Lambak to the fullest, it is recommended that the 2 uphill tracks that you pick is different from the 2 downhill one.

Let’s begin the adventure!

Hanging Bridge

Roads Towards the Middle of the Hill

Although the sign shows 2 trekking trails that originates from the foothills, there are in fact 3 paths that you can choose from.

1. Asphalt Road

The asphalt road that originates from the Gunung Lambak Resort is less than 100m in length, steeper than the other 2 trails and it is not recommended to start the journey from here as it lacks the natural touch.

2. Concrete Path to Jungle Path (most popular)

The concrete path is quite smooth and nicely shaded so this is the most preferred track for the locals and elderly. The end of the concrete path has a fountain that marks the beginning of the steeper climb. Nature is at its best from this point onwards and you can stop along the way to feel the fresh air of the forests.

3. 100% Jungle Track

The jungle path is the most densely covered of the three paths and road signs are not clearly available. The other peak of Gunung Lambak can be reached via this path. Unless you are familiar with the trail, it is not advisable to explore it on your own.

Middle of the Hill

It takes between 20 and 40 minutes to reach the middle of the hill where you will see a pavillion, stone benches and a big signboard on a flatland.

Roads Towards the Peak
1. North Track

2. Vertical Track

3. South Track

Peak of North Hill

Peak of South Hill

Flora and Fauna
Natural Water Feature

Safey Ropes and Railings

Ropes and railings are made available at different places to help you with the climb. Along the way, some parts can be extremely tricky and you need to maintain a solid foothold so as not slip and fall. The view from the top is quite mesmerizing and definitely feels worth the effort to climb Mount Lambak.

Camping and Accomodation Facilities

The Eco Resort offers you with camping and accommodation facilities so that you can stay and enjoy the beauty of the serene, calm environment. A swimming pool and kiddies playground is also available for the guests.

You can bring along foods and drinks to the top of Mount Lambak. Other than that, a restaurant is also available serving dinner and lunch. The only problem is that the opening and closing hours of the restaurant may seem a bit odd. The food served at the restaurant is mainly of organic produce promising a healthy, safe and natural diet. The trek is one of the primary attractions of people visiting Kluang.

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Recommended Activity

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Distance from Foothill of Gunung Lambak


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