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42, Jalan Ibrahim, Johor Bahru 80000

Chinese Heritage Museum is all about the settlement and the history of Johor’s Chinese community. The museum mainly preserves the heritage and culture that the Chinese had brought along with them when they settled in Johor. The collections that are preserved by the museum include musical instruments, old coins, porcelain, photos, documents, and other artifacts. The museum is famous for its rich elements and collections. It is popularly visited by the travelers and tourists coming to this part of Malaysia. There are a total of four stories in the museum. Each storey is dedicated to a specific historical phase or episode.


The exterior of the museum is simply and cuts off any decoration or ostentation. The building, however, is reconstructed in the colonial pattern.

Chronology of Events

The museum gives a complete description of the Chinese settled in Johor in chronological order. The events are described on the boards hanging on the walls. The museum tells the complete history between 1844 and 2004.


The exhibits in the museum are those that were brought to Johor by the Chinese community that settled here. The collection includes objects for daily household use and expensive objects like furniture and art pieces. However, the number of artefacts are not in good number.

Ngee Heng Kongsi @ 3rd Level

The museum preserves the important document and objects that belonged to Ngee Heng Kongsi which was a secret society. The history and formation of the Ngee Heng Kogsi can be seen on the walls at the top level of the museum.

Famous Johor Location

155.76 km » Pulau Tioman
15.24 km » Legoland Malaysia

Recommended Activity

0.64 km » City Square
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