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B&J Diving Centre

The B&J Diving Centre is situated in Tioman Island. The diving centre offers a great experience for the divers who want to give themselves an adrenaline rush. This is the place where you want an escape ... Read More


Tioman Dive Centre

Halting by the Tioman Island, while on a visit to Malaysia, would be utterly relaxing as you feel the warm and comforting sands between your toes. Moreover, it is undoubtedly that Tioman Dive Centre can offer ... Read More

Zoo / Sanctuary

Juara Turtle Project

The primary aim of the Juara Turtle Project is to make people aware, educate as well as collect data and do research on sea turtles that are on the brink of extinction. This non-profit organization introduces ... Read More


Eco Divers

The clear blue waters give out the invitational that is irresistible and Eco Divers takes you deep inside the marine world. There are trainers and instructors who would train you to take the dive. Instructors and ... Read More

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