Qing Yun Yan Temple (青云岩)

Qing Yun Yan Temple (青云岩) Arthur



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Jalan Sultan, Segamat

Qing Yun Yan Temple on the road that turns left from one end of Segamat Bridge if the visitors come from Yong Peng. After turning left, there are 2 more crossings before the entrance to the temple can be seen on right side. The new building of the temple was officially opened in March, 2006. A set of long and huge dragon idols are the first to welcome the guests. There is a pool with carps inside the compound of the temple. Everywhere there are writings, paintings and sculptures. Hong, Zhang and Xiao are the 3 deities, who the temple is dedicated to.

Temple Entrance

The design of the entrance is influenced by classic Chinese architecture. A pair of dragons can be observed at the top of the arched door. The entrance looks most beautiful at night when it is well lit.

Temple Interior

The atmosphere is very calm, peaceful and comfortable inside the temple. The 3 deities have smiling faces and are quite welcoming. There is an offerings table where believers present offerings, which typically something eatable. The 5 principles of the temple are hung on a wall framed.

Temple of Dragons

The heavy influence of Chinese architecture is apparent from the number of dragon sculptures and carvings that can be found inside and outside Qing Yun Yan Temple. Besides, the pair of dragons at the entrance, dragons and their hybrids can be found everywhere.

Adjacent Temple – Sheng Wang Temple (圣王庙)

Qing Yun Yan Temple is not a lone spiritual hotspot in the locality. Adjacent to it is Sheng Wang Temple, which has equally beautiful external and internal features. Both temples are less than 20 metres apart.

Famous Johor Location

152.28 km » Pulau Tioman
150.22 km » Legoland Malaysia

Recommended Activity

156.76 km » City Square
Distance from Qing Yun Yan Temple (青云岩)


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