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Pulau Sibu, Johor

Pulau Sibu or Sibu Island is a tiny island off the eastern coast of Malaysia, facing South China Sea. This island is made up of numerous islands namely Sibu Tengah Island, Sibu Besar, Sibu Hujung Island and Sibu Kukus Island.

The key island, Sibu Besar is around 1 km in width and 6 km in length, with the maximum part being enclosed by tropical vegetation. The fishing village of Kampong Duku is on the southern part, with a population of no more than 100 people.

The island features a number of tiny resorts, used typically as a short vacation or weekend getaway. Tanjong Leman, the nearest mainland jetty is approximately 3 hour drive away from Singapore by passing through Johor Bahru.

Things to do

Water-sports like diving and snorkelling are the chief leisure activities here. This doesn’t come as a surprise since this area was chosen as a Marine Park back in 1993, with several coral reefs being close at hand. For scuba diving, this is the nearest island from Singapore. For the past 18 years, Dan’s Nasty Frogmen are operating out in this area. This is both an SSI store and a registered PADI dive centre.

South China Sea has Mersing Marine Park and features a total of 13 islands: Pulau Aur, Pulau Pemanggil, Pulau Hujung, Pulau Mentinggi, Pulau Tinggi, Pulau Rawa, Pulau Hujong, Pulau Tengah, Pulau Besar, Pulau Goal, Pulau Mensirip, Pulau Harimau and Pulau Sibu.

The island can be explored by going for long walks right through the middle of the forests. Sibu’s eastern side features four main beaches, where most beach resorts are being located.

Eating Points

Independent restaurants are nowhere to be seen on this island however the resorts feature some excellent food options. The quality of food is excellent, offering a combination of Malay and Western choices.

Famous Johor Location

64.98 km » Pulau Tioman
100.96 km » Legoland Malaysia

Recommended Activity

91.07 km » City Square
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