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Johor Bahru 89, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Johor Bahru 81300

This is a boutique hotel that takes up an elegant design and is located conveniently near Sutera Mall. The facilities offered by the hotel are comfortable and cosy and are appropriate for modern tourists. The furniture pieces are beautiful and elegant.

Apart from the basic amenities that include flat screen television, tea and coffee maker and a writing desk, J hotel offers desk services along with laundry service.

Most of the rooms are spacious, making them less congested. There are a number of rooms and suites that are categorized according to the size and facilities. The property restricts smoking within its premises.

Trendy Lobby

The lobby of J hotel is all about chic and funky. It is brightly colourful and nothing in the lobby area is traditional, conventional or regular. From chandeliers to lamps, seating arrangement to shelves, etc. everything pleasantly attracts the eye.

Mini Boutique Room

Mini Boutique is one of the most popular rooms. It is not only colourful and bright but is stylishly designed too. It has wall as well as glass partitions separating different sections of the room to create a truly integrated and compact living space.

Suite Boutique Room

The Suite Boutique room is characterised by luxury and comfort. Unlike most of the other luxury suites, J Hotel has added its signature character with unconventional paint, design and furniture. Master bed for 4 people is the unique feature of this room.

Other Boutique Room

There are a few other boutique rooms for guests to choose according to their preference. As much as unconventional paint and decoration characterise J Hotel, other boutique rooms are stylish too. All the rooms have attached bathrooms and equipped with basic amenities.

Reasonable Prices

The prices charged by the J Hotel are reasonable. There are different charges for deluxe rooms and suites. In fact the prices are worth the facilities and services they offer.

Interview with Charles, the owner of J Hotel
Q1. Your previous work experiences prior to running the hotel business did not relate to the hospitality industry. Can you share with us the story of how you come about the idea of having your own hotel?

Charles: Your question reminded me of a local ophanage that is so well-run that it had achieved an ISO industry standard and the founder went on to become the national top-ten young outstanding Malaysian just a few years ago – the founder was previously in the private sector and he brought his industry knowledge into the ophanage he founded. So the moral of the story is that every experience and life lessons one gained along the way does matter after all. Time and chance is important in life sometimes and that’s really my story. And I found out one truth along the way, which is that once you have taken the plunge, suddenly you realised you can swim. Otherwise, take a float before you leaped!

Q2. What are the 2-3 selling points that differentiate your hotel from others in the same category?

Charles: We are colourful, modern and chic, that’s the first impression that people get when they step into the hotel.

Bearing in mind that we are a budget hotel, we like to say we give value for your money, and that’s not just a cliche. Guests are getting Slumberland beddings, Vingcard door locks, Otis lift, Daikin VRV III air conditioning system — good trusted brands that we have invested, that hopefully will translate into values for guests.

The business model is one of owner-manager model – not a laid-back outsourced management team — something like you eat at a restaurant whereby the chef is also the owner and you know you are eating good/fresh food and not just some microwaved stuff from cold frozen “central kitchen”. The result of that is we take our responsibilities seriously, we take feedback/complaints seriously and we try to tackle whatever problems as best as we can.

Q3. What is the rate of your repeated customers?

Charles: I do not have a figure for that — but it suffice to say that we are very happy to see guests returning, and at the very least, we know who is repeated rather than not having a clue at all.

At the moment we have a list of regular customers base of about 100+. Some of our guests have stayed with us no less than 100 room nights! That’s the kind of loyalty we like to see!

Q4. You have got a pool of regular customers so do you have any program that rewards them?

Charles: We are a small 48-room hotel. There is no “program” per se. Nonetheless, every year during the Christmas season, we love to buy gifts and reward our regular guests — it is just a gesture to say “we appreciate you”.

Q5. It takes great effort to run a successful hotel. Do you have plan to take the J brand to the next level through expansion?

Charles: We do not want to claim that we are “successful” because we know we are far from it. We are learning from the good hotels that we’ve been to or the experienced people in the service industries.
At the moment, we are very happy with J, it’s about staying contented. Furthermore, we like to see J hotel as something organic, not stagnant. We like our regular guests to have a little surprise/improvements every so often they come, otherwise the hotel will become very boring after a while. As such, there are always things to be upgraded/improvements in the rooms or hotel environment — and people can tell that profits have not just been gleaned away, but rather re-invested to make their stay better than before.

Famous Johor Location

152.67 km » Pulau Tioman
10.95 km » Legoland Malaysia

Recommended Stay

11.20 km » Traders Hotel
Distance from J Hotel
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