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Johor Bahru

The Grand Palace Park is one of the most well maintained parks in Johor Bahru. The park offers beautiful views of the surrounding areas. The visitors often sit facing the sea to relax.

As it is that it is one of the most significant tourist attracting spots, The Grand Palace Park has been held high for its participation in building up the tourism industry of Johor Bahru.

The Museum

The great museum of Sultan Abu Bakar forms the most enthralling piece of architecture on the Grand Palace Park. The architecture was conceived and completed by Datuk Yahaya Alawudin. The use of circular beams in the building is unique and goes away from its basic Malay design and contains the royal designs of the West. One of the most famous architectural specimens of the museum has definite blend of Malay and Anglo features.

The museum holds a great number of ancient and historical relics associated with Johor Bahru and Malaysia. The wonderful and invaluable treasures that have remained from the Sultanate or Abu Bakar also offer the museum much of its charm and importance.

The trophies displayed throughout the museum bear a testimony to the massive victories the kingdom had received during the time. That hunting was a special leisure activity is testified by the great number of hunted remains of the animals present in the museum.

Famous Johor Location

155.81 km » Pulau Tioman
13.98 km » Legoland Malaysia

Recommended Activity

1.48 km » City Square
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