Getting to Johor

Johor Bahru is the capital of Johor state which is located in southern Malaysia. Apart from being Malaysia’s 2nd largest city, it is also the favored destination of several travelers arriving from different international locations. The city lies in close proximity to Singapore and can be easily reached from Singapore through different ways.

The economic growth of Johor Bahru depends a lot on its tourism and travel industry. Millions of foreign visitors visit the city every year from Singapore via its road links and bridges. This is also one of the reasons why the city’s shopping scene has developed rapidly over the past few years. A huge number of Singaporeans find this city ideal for shopping, dining and entertainment as the cost is much lower as compared to Singapore.

Many residents of the city work in Singapore mainly because of the fact that scale of pay is much better in Singapore than in Malaysia. Even though Johor bahru is often compared with Singapore regarding its different aspects but, there is something special about this city that attracts travelers from different corners of the world. Its beautiful and remote islands are the perfect place for vacationers to enjoy their holidays amidst stunning natural surroundings. Village of Desaru is another preferred destination amongst travelers mostly because of its clean, natural and unpolluted environment.

By Plane

The Senai International Airport which is located at a distance of 35km from the Causeway offers scheduled and direct domestic flights from and to West and East Malaysia. This airport was renovated recently and has plenty of beverage and food outlets, shops, money changers and more. International and domestic flights are offered by different airlines which include AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines, Firefly and Malindo Air.

Transportation between Senai Airport and Johor Bahru

Express shuttle buses are operated by the Causeway Link between the City Lounge and the airport. Depending on the flight schedule, bus schedules are revised quite a few times within a year. Apart from that, ticketing counters, car rental services as well as flat screen television for checking outgoing and incoming flights.

Non-express buses are also available from and to airport which includes the A1 bus from JB’s Central Line and 333 from Causeway Link that operate between the airport and Larkin bus terminal. Travelers have the freedom to get down at different places like Holiday Plaza, Plaza Sentosa, JL Skudai and Crystal Crown Hotel once they board the A1 bus. Taxi services are also available from the airport which operates on voucher system.

By Bus
From Singapore

Several buses are available from Singapore to various parts of Johor Bahru which include Causeway Link, SBS Transit and Singapore-Johore Express bus service. 3 non-express new bus services were introduced. The TS1 operates between Kotaraya II terminal within Johor Bahru and Changi Airport. The TS2 bus service is available between Kotaraya II terminal and Sentosa Resorts World. Advance Coach AC7 operates between Kotaraya II terminal and Singapore’s Yishun bus interchange.

Non-express buses are also provided by SBS Transit that operates between Singapore and Johor Bahru. The bus number 160 offers its services between Jurong East Interchange and Kotaraya II terminal which is located in Johor Bahru. Apart from that, travelers can also use the services of Bus 170 (red plate) which operates between Johor Bahru’s Larkin terminal and Singapore’s Queen Street terminal. The same bus with blue plate can be boarded from Kranji MRT station to reach Kotaraya II terminal. Non-express bus services like SMRT public buses also provide their services between Singapore and Johor Bahru. Bus 950 operates between Singapore’s Woodlands bus interchange and Kotaraya II terminal.

Double-decker TS8 bus service is also available for the travelers which operate between Resorts World Sentosa and Johor Bahru. When it comes to paying, different options like paying with cash or EzLink cards are available for those who board the Singapore-owned bus company. For Malaysian bus, only cash is accepted.

From Other Parts of Malaysia

Every city in Johor has long distant bus stations that connect with other cities from another states. All the long distant buses are air-conditioned and are reasonably price. For example, the fee from Larkin terminal at Johor Bahru to TBS in Kuala Lumpur (about 330km apart) is less than RM40.

By Ferry

The ferry terminal of Johor Bahru is also known as JB International Ferry Terminal which is located within duty free complex of “The Zon”. Ferries depart to Bintan and Batam in Indonesia’s Riau islands.

To and from Batam

Ferries are available on an hourly basis to Batam Centre. It takes around 90 minutes to reach Batam on ferry.

To and from Bintan

Three ferries are available on a daily basis to Tanjung Pinang. It takes around one hundred and fifty minutes to reach Tanjung Pinang. Although, children below the age of three years are not required to have tickets but international departure tax definitely applies.

By Taxi

Special licensed taxis can be used for getting to Johor Bahru from Singapore. The taxis from Singapore operate between Queen Street terminal and Kotaraya II terminal and aren’t allowed to go to any other place in Johor Bahru. Cost of hiring a taxi service from Singapore is usually around S$40 per car or S$10 per person. The taxi services proves to be a lot more convenient for the passengers as they are not required to go through customs checks at both the ends and can simply sit in the vehicle. Apart from that, unlike bus services, taxi services are available at all times.

Passengers who would like to depart at some place else in Malaysia other than Kotaraya II terminal need to find Malaysian yellow taxi which can prove to be a bit costly. Those who wish to travel in a luxurious and extremely convenient manner can hire the limousine taxi services that can take them to any part of Malaysia.

By Car

There are 2 road bridges that link between Singapore and Johor Bahru:
• The Causeway which links Singapore and Malaysia is quite popular among the travelers which connect directly into the city’s heart. Congestion is common and gets worsen between Friday evenings and Sunday evenings.

• The Second Link which is built between Malaysia and western Singapore remains less congested and is much faster than the Causeway. This route is ideal for those who have their own cars and is also used frequented by luxury bus services operating from and to Kuala Lumpur. During morning peak hours and evening peak hours, it is a good idea to use this route as it remains a lot less congested.

It is not at all complicated to drive a car to Johor Bahru from Singapore however small tolls are available on the way. Malaysian side tolls can be paid with Touch n Go Cards whereas Singaporean side tolls can be paid with Autopass or CashCard. It is better to avoid rental cars as they charge a lot more simply to cross border.


There is no doubt about the fact that for travelers different transportations options are available to get to the city of Johor Bahru. The availability of different road links helps travelers to choose between bus, taxi and car rental services to get to the city. The efficient bus transportation services provided by Singapore as well as Johor Bahru ensure that travelers can travel quickly from one destination to the other in comfort.

Singapore is one of the busiest financial centers of Asia with large number of foreign visitors arriving at the city every year. Johor Bahru’s close proximity with Singapore has actually helped with the growth and development of the transport system of the city. The easy access from Singapore helps the travelers to enjoy and experience the beauty and charm of both cities without much of trouble. The availability of the two intercity networks like Johore-Singapore Causeway and Malaysia-Singapore 2nd Link has definitely made it a lot easier to travel between these two cities with ease and comfort.

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