Getting Around Johor

Johor Bahru also referred to as JB happens to be Malaysia’s southernmost city. It is the 2nd largest city of Malaysia with around 2.7 million inhabitants. On a daily basis, thousands travel from Singapore to the city which usually leads to a jammed Causeway during public holidays and weekends.

Though Johor Bahru may not have the glitz and glamour of Singapore but, it certainly is a unique and charming city in different ways. This city is an absolute delight for shopaholics as nearly everything is available at a much cheaper rate as compared to Singapore. Singaporeans often visit the city for their weekend markets as well as other places of the city to enjoy cheap seafood. The outskirts of Johor Bahru are the places that attract majority of the travelers and vacationers. Starting from fruit farms to fishing villages to beautiful islands, the city has plenty in store for its visitors.

People who love nature and have an affinity towards adventurous activities will surely fall in love with this place. Endau-Rompin Forest Park is amongst the oldest tropical rainforests of the world that offers nature lovers an ideal escape from the busy life of the city. Apart from that, there are around thirty untouched tropical islands in the state that act as the perfect getaway to a nice and relaxed vacation. The mix of cosmopolitan atmosphere along with the natural attractions of the city makes it one of the most favored holiday destinations for Singaporeans as well as international visitors.

By Bus

Travelers visiting Johor Bahru have the option of travelling to different places within the city by using its extensive bus service network. But at times, it is quite possible to get confused with the bus stops as they may not be indicated clearly. A good idea is to follow the crowd to avoid any sort of confusion and hassle. Buses in Johor Bahru generally have destination boards and it is also a wise idea to ask the driver directly. Majority of the bus stops are available opposite of City Square and from here different parts of the city can be easily reached including Kulai and Kota Tinggi. Last buses leave JB Sentral or City Square usually at around 11 at night or earlier. The fares for majority of the buses are usually quite cheap and allow travelers to travel inexpensively to different parts of this beautiful city. Those who wish to head towards Larkin terminal after arriving from Singapore can travel in selected public buses usually available from Johor Bahru CIQ.

The downside of the bus service is that frequency of the buses is not consistent. During morning time, there are usually plenty of buses available for the commuters however during later part of the day, the frequency of the buses reduce to a great extent which can prove to be inconvenient for the travelers.

Longer Distant Bus

From Johor Bahru, those who wish to visit other cities in Johor such as Kluang, Batu Pahat, Mersing, Muar can go Larkin bus terminal where it is a hub for long distant buses. The departure time of the buses is quite accurate and normally available hourly or even every half and hour. The bus fare is reasonably priced. For example, the fee from Larkin terminal to Kluang, about 80km is less than RM11.

By Taxi

Taxis offer travelers with a safe, cheap and comfortable option to travel through the city. However, the only problem is that taxi drivers tend to refuse using the meter upon seeing foreigners. Therefore, it is crucial and necessary for the travelers to insist them of using the meter. The law of the country states that taxi drivers have to make use of their taxi meters and also provide the travelers with receipts upon request. It is always a good idea to disembark the taxi immediately if there is no meter attached to it. This can help travelers from getting ripped off after getting down from the taxi as well as avoid arguments regarding fare.

There are times when taxi drivers tend to claim that their taxis are not fitted with a meter which is definitely not the case. In fact, upon seeing foreigners they hide the meters in different techniques so as to rob them off their money. It is always crucial to remain vigilant especially with taxi drivers who insist on negotiating a fare instead of using the meter. Taxi drivers often ask more fares than what was discussed during initial negotiation. Sometimes they may get aggressive and belligerent with the travelers. It is always advisable to pay the exact amount as per the meter and never fall for the trickeries of the taxi drivers.

Jalan Jim Quee has a taxi rank which is located right next to Johor Bahru CIQ. Prepaid coupon system is available for the travelers. When it comes to prepaid coupons, fixed rate are applicable for different places and the coupons can be bought from the booth. It is commonly observed fact that using the meter proves to be quite cheap as opposed to the prepaid coupon system.

By Car

Renting a car simply to travel around in Johor Bahru may make little point but for those who are from Singapore, it certainly is a worthy option. People of Singapore will find the car rental rates in Johor Bahru a lot cheaper as compared to Singapore. On top of that, the cost of fuel in Johor Bahru is almost half that of Singapore. Those who wish to travel in comfort and style will definitely not feel short of options in the city.

There are numerous car rental operators in Johor Bahru offering a wide range of cars of different rents to the travelers. Depending on the size of the group, the cars can be accordingly chosen so as to accommodate every person comfortably. Plenty of travelers opt for road trip of Malaysia once they have finished their Singapore trip.

On Foot

Johor Bahru is that part of Malaysia which is not that much friendly for walkers. The roads are most of the time packed with buses and taxis which creates a lot of congestion and traffic. Walkways and underpasses are available for those who wish to explore the sights and sounds of this city on foot. It is important for the travelers to keep a watch on the street signs so as to stay safe from the maddening traffic of the city.

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