Endau-Rompin National Park

Endau-Rompin National Park Arthur
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It is the second largest national park of the Malaysian Peninsula. The park consists of one of the oldest rainforests in the world and you would find here 240 million years old volcanic rocks. The name of the national park comes from two rivers that run through it. They are Rompin River to the north and the Endau River to the south.

The Endau-Rompin National Park also consists of some of the most unique fauna and flora, and includes the Sumatran Rhino. It would take three complete days to go on a proper trip around the park. They are some of the most breathtaking forests and rivers enhancing the beauty of the park.

Climate of the Park

While the park offers a beautiful place to be and get absorbed in, the climate is not much soothing. It mostly remains hot throughout the year besides being humid. Rains are common in the period between mid December and mid January.

Getting to the Park

There are three entrances to the park. It can either be entered through Pahang or through Johor (east or west). Driving into the island would require being on the mud tracks. The more popular entrance is via Johor east at Kampung Peta. The west entrance is close to the Bekok town near Segamat. The third entrance to the park is from the Kuala Rompin town in Pahang. It requires driving along the road to Seladang and then following a twenty six kilometres track at Kuala Kinchin to the track boundary. The tracks here require being on 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Getting around the Park

There are a number of attractions both natural and manmade that you can find at the national park. These are some of the most beautiful animals and plants. You should be amazed to come across herds of elephants wandering just close to you. Hiking through the park and trails would take you to explore various wildlife plants and animals. One of the rarest of plants, Livistona endaunesis, can be found here.

A boat ride through the calm waters is another adventure that you’d love to indulge in. Schools of fishes can be come across occasionally. It is a real thrill riding the boat as the sun’s rays fall obliquely to impart a golden hue to the waters.

Famous Johor Location

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117.86 km » Legoland Malaysia

Recommended Activity

120.33 km » City Square
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